I give thanks to the forces and laws of nature that support life and evolution, to my devoted parents for my existence and start in life, to my childhood friends for helping me play and be a good person, to my loves for life’s most joyous and painful moments, to my eight precious children for giving me cherished and needed human contact, to my loving wife for a wonderful relationship, to taxpayers for over 30 years of exciting work as teacher, therapist, and program developer, to the discipline of psychology for providing knowledge and a chance to explore exciting and potentially useful ideas, to my several thousand serious students who tried to change, pushed me to do better and helped me out when I failed to help them, to my able and enthusiastic graduate assistants and undergraduate group facilitators who gave me support, to my patients for sharing their lives with me and making an effort to change, to the universities that supported some of my dreams and killed others, to my colleagues both the like-minded and the intolerant, and, not least, to my future readers who will let me know if my work was worthwhile or not. Thanks for it all, we will probably not be this way again.


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