Psychological Self-Help

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Chapter 12: Methods for Changing Emotions
       The nature of emotions
       Learning to control our emotions
       Emotional reactions: Behavior, feelings, physiological responses, and attributions
       Are feelings good or bad?
       Feelings usually leak out
   Methods for Changing Your Emotions
       Learning to produce desired emotions
       Relaxation Training
       Moods by suggestion: calm scene, relaxation, elation
       How to be happy--determinism
       Gaining peace of mind; centering
       Reducing Unwanted Emotions
       Self-desensitization in the real situation (in vivo)
       Exposure to the fear (flooding)
       Stress-inoculation: Self-instructions and coping imagery
       Getting It Off Your Chest
       Catharsis…venting…discharging…expressing emotions
       Converting Emotional Energy
       Constructive use of energy
       Additional Methods for Changing Emotions
       Distractions and/or exercise
       Change the environment and use reinforcement
       Practice, practice, practice
       Pleasant activities help us enjoy ourselves
       Implosion and Rational-Emotive imagery therapy
       Gradual toleration
       Cognitive approaches
       Paradoxical intentions
       Express the emotions you want to have
       Useful General References (most are not in bibliography)

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