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Converting Emotional Energy
Constructive use of energy
Humans vary greatly in terms of their productivity under stress. As
stress increases, some are super effective; others are incapacitated.
Do you "fall apart" or "get going?" This approach involves developing a
detailed plan, translating it into a daily schedule, and using the
emotional energy to motivate us to do what needs to be done (which
is what the super effective do). 
To get yourself together while under pressure. 
Many negative emotions--fears, embarrassments, inferiority,
disappointments, anger--are a call to action, a signal that things need
to be changed. The emotions are probably intended to motivate us. 
STEP ONE: Avoid a defeatist attitude. Select a way of converting
energy from unwanted emotions into productive drives.
Some people respond to frustration with an "I'll-show-you-
attitude." Such a response can be very productive, if it is competitive
and not hostile. Indeed, many outstanding people started with real
handicaps or imagined weaknesses for which they compensated. Great
runners had injuries to their legs. Body builders were skinny. Excellent
students felt they were inferior. Great speakers stuttered. Some
people work incredibly hard to overcome handicaps; others give up. 
Sometimes resentment can become a motivator. The teacher or
supervisor is critical or overly demanding. You might resolve to be
near perfect. Another student or co-worker is a braggart or show-off.
You might resolve to do better than they have done. If you experience
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