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There are a lot of Web sites dealing with various kinds of pain.
The directories of major search engines list many of the better ones.
urological_Disorders/). Many good references about pain in many parts
of the body are available at Ask Noah about Pain (http://www.noah- Other centers specialize in pain at
just one location in the body: Yahoo Back Pain Center
( and Dr Koop Stomach
Pain Center ( ( coves
headaches extensively. Also see p. 146 above. The Mental Help Net
has a section about pain
For learning more about professional treatment for a wide
variety of physical disorders, see the June, 2002 issue of the Journal of
Consulting and Clinical Psychology and Duckro, Richardson & Marshall
(1995). As mentioned above, therapy reviews have shown that
behavior therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy work with
headaches and irritable bowels (Blanchard, et al., 1980, 1987; Keefe,
1992). Finally, if you have been treated by a MD or a therapist without
satisfactory relief from pain, ask for a consultation with a MD or Ph.D.
specializing in your kind of pain. If seeing a psychiatrist/psychologist is
recommended to you, please don't be offended and go. 
References cited in this chapter are listed in the Bibliography (see
link on the book title page). Please note that references are on pages
according to the first letter of the senior author's last name (see
alphabetical links at the bottom of the main Bibliography page). 
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