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Erikson, E. (1964). Childhood and society. New York: W. W.
Fries, J. (1989). Aging well. Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley. A
good overall guide to the aging process. 
Gould, R. (Feb., 1975). Adult life stages: Growth toward self-
tolerance. Psychology Today
Le Shan, E. J. (1973). The wonderful crisis of middle age: Some
personal reflections. New York: David McKay Co.
Le Shan, E. J. (1990). It's better to be over the hill than under
it: Thoughts on life over sixty. New York: Newmarket Press.
Good advice with wit. 
Levinson, D. J., Darrow, C. M., Klein, E. B., Levinson, M. H., &
McKee, B. (1978). The seasons of a man's life. New York:
Ballantine Books. A survey of mental health professionals
(Santrock, Minnett & Campbell, 1994) rates this book as the
best among those dealing with adult development. 
Lowenthal, M. F., Thurnber, M., Chiriboga, D. and associates.
(1975). Four stages of life: A comparative study of women and
men facing transitions. San Francisco: Jossey- Bass.
Mace, N. & Rabins, P. (1981). The 36-hour day: A family guide
to caring for persons with Alzheimer's Disease, related
dementing illness and memory loss in later life. Baltimore, MD:
The Johns Hopkins University Press. 
McLeich, J. A. B. (1976). The Ulyssean adult: Creativity in the
middle and later years. New York: McGraw-Hill.
New light on adult life cycles. (April 28, 1975). Time, 69. 
Schuckman, T. (1975). Aging is not for sissies. Phil., PA:
Westminster Press. 
Sheehy, G. (1976). Passages: The predictable crises of adult
life. New York: Patton. Like many books written by journalists,
professionals think the mid-life crises are overdramatized. 
Sheehy, G. (1992). The silent passage. New York: Random
House. A book about menopause by a journalist who interviews
people to get case studies. Researchers, however, have found
much fewer problems and less dramatic cases than Sheehy
Trotter, R. J. (1976). East side, west side: Growing up in
Manhattan. Science News, 109, 325. 
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