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Catholics, older women interested in younger men, etc. If you can't
find the right club for you, start your own by advertising in the paper.
There are even travel services that will match up singles. Don't think
you are helpless, reach out. Today, one of the common ways to reach
out is on the Internet. There are discussion groups, forums, chat
groups and a variety of other ways to meet someone. Joe Schwartz,
author of "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Online Dating and Relating,"
has provided, at least temporarily, a long list of online places, means,
more thorough recent sites uses a 250-item, research-based
questionnaire to pair up couples:
There is
another serious problem, namely, the surplus of women. Because the
death rate of males is higher at all ages, after age 23 there are more
women than men, a total of 7 million more marriageable women than
men (Brothers, 1984). The U.S. Census shows 99 single males for
every 100 15-24-year-old single females, 89 single males for 100
single women 25-34, and 67 males for 100 women 35-45. If a woman
is divorced in her 20's, there is a 75% chance she will remarry; if
divorced in her 30's, 50% chance; if in her 40's, 30% chance.
Statisticians say a woman who has remained single for 40 years is
unlikely to get married. As a self-help advisor, I'd never say that, but
the competition gets keen for women. 
For every love there is a heart somewhere to receive it.... But when my love meets no
heart it can only break.
-Ivan Panin
What kind of partner do you want?
In the 1990's, 90% of college students would not consider
marriage if they were not "in love." In the 1960's, however, 33% of
college men and 75% of college women would have considered
marrying someone they didn't love. Why the radical change? Probably
because college women have become much more secure and
independent, more confident they can find love with someone. That's
wonderful! I wonder if it will produce better marriages? 
What specific characteristics do we tend to look for (consciously) in
a mate? Both men and women agree that mutual attraction,
dependable character, and emotionally stability are the most important
traits. However, men and women disagree about the importance of
certain other characteristics, e.g. men value good looks more than
women and women value good financial future and ambitiousness
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