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Eight You are very high now. Soon you will enter a new
dimension, where your insight is especially keen and
Nine All the way up to the edge of space. You are ready to
experience and concentrate and reason better than ever before. 
Ten Now you are at the top. Your abilities, awareness and
understanding are ready to disclose new meaning and new
solutions. You are eager to use these skills to solve your
concerns. Take as long as you want. As you focus on real
problems, take time to understand the causes. Don't skip over
or run away from any cause--consider it carefully. Can you see
things differently now? Can you discover new feelings you had
not been aware of before? Can you understand the feelings of
others better? 
Next, take time to invent new and better solutions to your
problems. Imagine how each course of action might work out.
Consider unusual solutions and combinations of solutions. Decide on
the best approach. If other insights come to you, accept them but go
back to solving the main problem. 
Now, turn off the tape player until you are ready to 'come down'
and wake up." (Leave short pause on tape.) 
Start tape again when you are ready to stop: 
"OK, we are ready to descend. I'll count from 10 to 1. When I get
to 1 you will be back in a normal, everyday state of consciousness.
You will feel good and refreshed and grateful for the special time to
think. You will remember everything that has happened and all your
Ten. Starting to drift downward and back to a normal state of
Nine. Coming down. You will remember everything. 
Eight. Gently floating down. You are feeling wonderful. 
Seven. Enjoying the experience. 
Six. Continuing down. 
Five. Down. At the count of 1 your eyes will open. 
Four. You see the ground slowly approaching. 
Three. Soon you'll be back relaxed and refreshed. 
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