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problem-solving ability, and feelings of competence. Have a problem in
mind to work on before you start the exercise. It's not a good fantasy
for people with a fear of heights or of flying. You can have the
experience more fully if all you have to do is listen, so record these
abbreviated instructions: 
"Get comfortable and close your eyes. Imagine you are in the
gondola of a large hot air balloon. You are resting and watching what
is happening with interest. Let your imagination go free, have vivid
images of the things I suggest to you. It is a beautiful day. The balloon
is filling. See the meadow around you. You have nothing to do but
relax and experience the thrill of the ride. 
The balloon is nearly full. Soon you will take off and as you go
higher, your awareness and concentration and thinking will also
become higher. I'm going to count from 1 to 10. With each count the
balloon will go higher and your mind will expand greater until it is able
to be aware of everything. You will become much more aware of
reality and have a greater appreciation of truth and beauty. Now, the
balloon gently and quietly takes off, I begin to count and your
consciousness starts to expand. 
One. As you float higher, you will have a new
experience...pleasant, exciting feelings of increased awareness
and sensitivity. 
Two. A little higher. You are entering a higher level of
consciousness. You are comfortable. You are feeling good about
using your full mental capacity. 
Three. You enjoy the quiet, smooth ride, the fantastic view, the
Four Your range of awareness is continually expanding. Your
perception is keener. You attention and concentration is even
more under your control. 
Five Rising higher and higher. Your confidence increases and
you feel better and better. 
Six Your consciousness increases but your awareness is not
overloaded. You feel joy as your senses reach their highest
Seven You experience a release, a new freedom as your
intuitive and intellectual potentials reach their peak. As you go
still higher, your heightened abilities will enable you to see
causes and relationships you never realized before. 
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