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stress for
12. Try to
out do
25. Honest
38. Believes in
13. Fights
26. Analyzes
39. Enjoys
STEP TWO: Each topic is inserted into 12 statements. Each
statement is separately rated by you and by the other person
as true or not true.
Each topic selected in step one is used to make 12 statements (see
i to xii on the form below) which, when rated as true or untrue by both
people, provide feedback in three areas: (1) How we perceive
ourselves and the other person, (2) how we think he/she rated us and
his/herself and (3) how we think he/she thinks we did the ratings. You
can make two copies of this form for every topic you want to discuss
and get feedback about. 
When you first look over the form, the ratings might be more clear
if you think of a topic, such as "understand(s)," being inserted in each
of the blanks. 
STEP THREE: Share your ratings. Note the agreement, discuss
your differences.
Taking one topic at a time, carefully look at (1) what kind of
person does each of us think we are? (See ii and iv.) (2) What kind of
person does each of us think the other person is? (See i and iii.) (3)
Do the two of us agree as to what I am like and he/she is like?
(Compare your answers to i, ii, iii, iv with his/her answers to ii, i, iv, iii,
respectively.) (4) How accurate are our assumptions about each
other's views? (Compare v-viii by one person to i-iv by the other
person.) (5) How accurately do we understand the impression each of
us has of the other? (Compare ix-xii of one person to v-viii by the
other person.) (6) What are the implications of the misunderstandings
we have in (4) and (5)? 
A Form for Completing Laing's Ratings
(Two of these forms are needed for every topic, one for each rater)
Rater:______________________ Date:_______ 
The topic being rated:________________________________ 
(fill in this topic in the 12 blanks below) 
(1) Your perceptions: How do I see myself? How do I see the
other person? 
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