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times of decision-making or being forced to go a certain direction, try
using Twilight Imagery to explore the road untaken, i.e. imagining the
many possibilities missed. Thus, there is also a constant shifting back
and forth between recording your past and, whenever we remember a
choice point, imagining possible futures. In this way we intuitively
reconstruct our life histories--our autobiography--and change our
future. It is a long process and a very different autobiography from the
one in step one. 
Dialogue with persons. After getting a feel for your past and for the
directions your life is moving in, make a list of 5 to 10 of the most
significant people in your life. They may be liked or disliked, current,
past, or promising relationships. The person may be close by or
distant, living or dead but still important. Select one to work with first.
Write down his/her name and the date. Write a brief uncensored
description of the relationship: current situation and feelings. Read it;
record your feelings. Now, this is important: Sit silently and get in tune
with that person, walk in his/her shoes, empathize, sense what he/she
was/is secretly striving for. As a part of this identification with the
other person, review his/her entire life, list (a word or phrase) his/her
Steppingstones. Feel the life-long movement, the underlying flow of
his/her life. Close your eyes, give yourself over to Twilight Imagery, do
not conjure up the images, just record them. See the person before
you, feel deeply in touch with your self and with his/her self, converse
with him/her without restrictions. Record the dialogue automatically.
Afterwards, record your feelings during the dialogue. Then read it and
record feelings again. Later Twilight conversations and real-life
interactions with the person can be recorded in the same place in the
journal. These lengthy dialogues clarify the surface, conscious
experiences and, supposedly, expose us to a "deeper-than-conscious"
level of awareness of the problems and the potentials. Try it and see if
the dialogue contains new knowledge which improves the relationship
(or your feelings about it) and alters the future. 
Dialogues with your work, your body, important events, and social
groups. The same procedure as used with persons can be used with an
infinite number of things or situations. You simply get in touch with the
history of your work or some project, of your body, of certain
situations, of your race or nationality...list its Steppingstones (history).
As you fantasize about the background, the purposes and needs, the
essence of your work or body or some group or an event unfolding, it
seems to have a life of its own, similar to a person. In Twilight
Imagery you can talk with it as if it were a person. Use the same
sequence for all dialogues: 
(a) describe it: your body, work, event, etc., record your
(b) identify its many Steppingstones--its background or history,
(c) using Twilight Images have a dialogue with it, record this,
(d) read the dialogue back to yourself, record your feelings,
(e) have several daily dialogues, gain insight and grow. 
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