Psychological Self-Help

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Step 5: Select the self-help methods that seem most likely to work,
i.e. develop a treatment plan."
____  consider each of the five parts of the problem:
considering causes and goals, which parts seem to be the most
likely to produce the changes you want to make? 
____  refer to Tables 2.1 and 2.3, and chapters 3-10 for self-
help ideas. Sample self-help plans. Read "general idea" and
"purpose" of the methods in chapters 11 to 15 to see which
ones seem most likely to work for you. 
____  use doable self-change methods directed at several
"parts" simultaneously or in sequence. But avoid overly
complex plans that overload your computer or your schedule. 
Step 6: Learn the detailed steps involved in each self-help method
you are using (chapters 11-15) and try out your plan.
____  give the selected self-help methods a fair trial (daily for
two weeks or more). 
____  your motivation is crucial; keep it high (see chapters 4
and 14). 
____  take precautions in advance if any strong emotions or
possible dangers are involved (see chapters 11-15). 
Step 7: Continue throughout the project to assess and plot your
____  use self-observation for assessment, change, and
reward. Get other people's opinions. 
____  continue systematic self-observation for a few weeks
after reaching your goals. 
Step 8: If needed, revise plan as needed--deal with your resistance
to change. Keep up your motivation.
____  change your tactics, if selected self-help methods are not
working. Perhaps other "parts" are more involved than you
____  change your approach, if you lose your motivation to
change. Perhaps the change isn't as important as you thought.
Is the old behavior meeting some unhealthy need? 
____  seek professional help if your problems are very serious,
become worse, or do not respond to self-help. 
Step 9: Plan ways of maintaining the gains made.
____  use partial and natural reinforcement of the new desired
behavior so it becomes intrinsically satisfying. Make it a habit. 
____  may need to repeat treatment occasionally, e.g. start
exercising and dieting again as soon as you gain 2 pounds. 
Step 10: Make a note of the method's effectiveness: what works for
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