Psychological Self-Help

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Table 3.1: My preferred way to live
Ways of living
Agree   Mixed   Disagree
_____ _____ _____ 
Way 1: Cautiously and intelligently preserve the best
of our culture in order to develop an orderly, active,
just world.
_____ _____ _____  
Way 2: Be self sufficient, "go it alone," avoid close
social ties.
_____ _____ _____ 
Way 3: Be loving, sympathetic, concerned, respectful,
and helpful with others, not greedy or controlling or
_____ _____ _____ 
Way 4: Have fun without getting too involved with
others. You can't control the world so enjoy life, for
tomorrow you may die. To fully enjoy life, think of
"number one" first; let yourself go!
_____ _____ _____ 
Way 5: Get involved with others for fun and achieving
common goals. Give of yourself to others to make this
"the good life," don't withdraw or be self-centered.
_____ _____ _____ 
Way 6: Work hard to solve the problems we face.
Don't follow the past or merely dream of the future,
do something! Science can solve many of our
_____ _____ _____ 
Way 7: Accept all philosophies, not just one. Fun,
action, and contemplation in equal proportions is the
best way to live.
_____ _____ _____ 
Way 8: Enjoy the simple, available, daily pleasures of
home, relaxation, and friends.
_____ _____ _____ 
Way 9: Stop seeking, be receptive, then wisdom and
the good things of life will come freely.
_____ _____ _____ 
Way 10: Constantly seek self-control, firmly directed
by reason and high ideals. Guard against seduction by
comfort, selfish impulses, the urge to "cop-out" etc.
_____ _____ _____ 
Way 11: The internal world of ideas, dreams,
sensitivity, and self-knowledge is a better place to live
than in the external world.
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