Psychological Self-Help

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started, Workaholics Anonymous (http://www.workaholics- may provide some
information and WA group locations.
When to seek professional help 
A wise self-helper will, of course, realize his/her limitations.
Professional help is needed if the problems are too severe for self-help,
this includes behaviors beyond one's control: serious alcoholism, drug
abuse, suicidal depression, intense hostility (where there is any risk at
all that someone will be hurt), confusion, criminal tendencies, or any
problem serious enough to interfere with school or work. Professional
help is also appropriate if you have made a couple of genuine attempts
to help yourself without success. Don't be ashamed of your self-help
efforts and don't hesitate to seek expert help. It's just smart. 
There are complex issues involved in selecting a good therapist for
your particular problem. A section in chapter 2 gives best advice I
have about Finding a Therapist
References cited in this chapter are listed in the Bibliography (see
link on the book title page). Please note that references are on pages
according to the first letter of the senior author's last name (see
alphabetical links at the bottom of the main Bibliography page). 
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