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and 1997; Barlow & Craske, 1994; Bourne, 1992 (with audio tapes);
Wolpe, 1988 (the original developer of desensitization); Davis,
Eshelman, & McKay, paperback, 2000; Weekes, 1991; Griest,
Jefferson & Marks, 1986; Neuman, 1985; Wilson, 1985; Emery &
Campbell, 1986; Witkin-Lanoil, 1988. Burns (1989) reduces your fears
by improving your relationships and self-esteem. A few books deal
with very specialized anxieties, such as shyness (see above), flying
(Brown, 1996), stage fright (Desberg & Marsh, 1990), math anxiety
(Tobias, 1994), and various social anxieties (Freudenberger & North,
1989; Markway, Carmin, Pollard & Flynn, 1992). Catherall (1993) has
written for families recovering from a physical disaster, crime, job loss,
etc. An especially good book for teenagers experiencing stress is Hipp
As mentioned in the last section, good general information about
major Web site is Anxiety/Panic Resource
(, which offers links to many self-help
sites and to support groups and services. A part of this site The
to help patients understand the physical and mental aspects of anxiety
and panic reactions. Other sites give instructions for Breathing
which is important in panic attacks where part of the problem is fast
and shallow breathing. There are some straight-forward sites about
fears. Look up several specific self-help methods for different kinds of
anxieties at ( and, for a fee
(120 euros), you can get methods to reduce the fear of flying and
other problems Stress Manager
also has a center about Anxiety
which has articles, a few links, and brief self-tests but a lot of ads is
there, find the menu and click on anxiety or stress. A long listing of
books and some self-tests about anxiety are available from the
Anxiety Disorders Association of America ( To
find the books follow this path: home>consumer resources>bookstore
catalog>B&N Bookstore. 
A site about Stress ( provides a self-test
and tips for reducing stress using cognitive methods.  Stress
Management ( and Stress
Reduction ( give more self-
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