Psychological Self-Help

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Chapter Three
While all of this was going on, there was an ugly frog nearby who
was firmly convinced that he was the most despicable creature on
earth. But a wandering wizard happened to meet him one day and
whispered a magic spell into his ear. All of a sudden the frog turned
into a handsome prince. 
Chapter Four
One warm, sunny day, the prince noticed a strange-looking stone
chimney with a few peep holes in it. Being curious he looked in and, to
his surprise, found a beautiful princess. "Hello, princess," he said,
"how did you get trapped in there?" "Who are you talking to?" said
Sooty Sarah. "You, of course," he said. "You are out of your mind," she
answered, "I'm a dirty, stupid, mean little girl, not a princess--but
since you mentioned looks, I don't mind telling you, you look shitty." 
"Ah, I know what's wrong, you're under an evil spell," said the
prince. "You're crazy," she responded, "and if you don't leave me
alone, I'll really tell you what I think of you." "Your words don't hurt
me, I'm going to stay and try to help you break your spell," he said.
"Spell, Schmell," she shouted, "I hate you bastards who look at
everything through rose-colored glasses!" "But, I'm not wearing
glasses," he answered. 
Chapter Five
"Hum, you're not are you!" Sooty Sarah said, "OK, if you're so
smart, mister prince, tear down this wall, break my so-called spell,
rescue me, big boy!" "I can't do that," he answered, "Only you can do
those things." "Some prince!" she scoffed, "You couldn't prince your
way out of a paper bag!" The prince was patient and said, "I just know
that if I tried to do it for you, the walls would get stronger and the
glasses dirtier and you'd end up criticizing yourself more. You have to
do it. I know a counter-spell but you have to have the courage to use
it. If you do, it will turn you into a princess so we can be married and
can live happily ever after." "Good line, mister, but it will never work,"
Sooty Sarah said softening a little, "I don't deserve to be happy!" "Yes,
you do," said the prince, "I know because the old wizard told me so."
With surprise, she responded, "Did he really say that? (the prince
nods) Then please help me if you can. You don't know what's it's like
to lie awake nights thinking of terrible things about yourself--it's
awful!" "I do know," he said, "before I learned the counter-spell I was
an ugly frog!" 
Chapter Six
"No foolin'?" she said. "It's true," he replied. "Then please, please
help me. Tell me the magic words and I'll say them--I'll do anything,"
she pleaded. The prince leaned over very close to her and whispered
the words in her ear. "Oh, no! I can't say that!" she gasped, "That's
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