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3. Divorced and widowed men and women have a suicide rate
twice as high as married men or women. 
4. Western states, where there are more guns, have more suicides. 
5. Teens & young adults, middle-aged men, and elderly men have
States (
6. About 3,000,000 American youth ages 12 to 17 contemplated
suicide in 2000, over a million of them (37%) actually tried (SAMHSA,
2002). Only one-third sought counseling. 
7. Over 10% of all young women have tried to kill themselves.
40% of suicidal Canadian girls reported conflicts with parents about
gender roles, such as rules about dating and future plans (Pinhas,
2002). White women commit suicide at three times the rate of Black
8. What group in the US has the highest rates of suicide? Some
studies say white males over 65. The rate for white women over 65 is
much lower. Having a gun in the house doubles the suicide rate and
71% of suicides at this older age involved a handgun (Conwell, 2002).
On the other hand, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention
reported in 2000 that men between 25 and 54 had the highest suicide
rate. Both groups (men over 65 and men 25 to 54) have very high
rates and neither has received much attention or prevention services. 
9. 12% of urban gay or bisexual males have attempted suicide,
which is 3 times the overall rate for males. Early suicidal attempts are
often related to “coming out.” 28% of older gays and 52% of younger
homosexuals report being harassed. 
10. Suicidal persons often report being self-blaming and in an
unbearable mental state before acting but the actual suicide action
may seem like a trance, feeling numb and no pain as they cut, and
essentially dissociating themselves from the process (Baumeister,
1990). 25% of “almost lethal” suicide attempters spent less than 5
minutes making the decision to act…5% of the quick decision-makers
reportedly took one second between decision and attempt (Simon,
2003). That is scary. 
11. One large study found that psychotropics, anti-depressives,
anti-OCD, and other medications did not lower suicide rates more than
placebos (Dr. Khan, 2002). However, other researchers have claimed
that anti-depressives are helpful. So, try medication but realize it isn’t
a sure cure. 
12. Many people believe the peak rate of suicide is during holidays,
such as Christmas and New Years, but fewer people kill themselves at
those times. Also, fewer people decide to suicide when a national
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