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the social support and religious faith 90% of them get in their
communities. Black churches are especially helpful to members
through times of trouble. 
Mental Health Centers and suicide prevention
Since the 1960’s, when the Community Mental Health Centers
were established, one of their responsibilities has been to establish a
suicide prevention program within each county. Many did but funds
have dried up. In 1998-1999, the Surgeon General, Dr. Satcher,
goals, such as community programs that build life skills and values
that reduce the risk of suicide, making suicide risk assessment part of
regular health care (as provided by your family physician), increasing
insurance coverage for mental health problems, increasing public
awareness that suicide is often related to mental illness, increasing
support to survivors, training doctors, teachers and ministers how to
help suicidal persons, and getting the public more aware of and
sympathetic with people suffering suicidal thoughts. Anyone starting to
think that suicide might be a solution for them deserves our concern
and empathy, not our disdain and neglect. 
revived, again, a big program (unfortunately more plans than money)
to encourage each state to improve or develop and operate an
effective prevention program. This Web site tells about current events
in prevention, makes available many of the major programs and
articles in the suicide prevention area, and gives a link to specific
suicide services and resources in your county (if your state has done
its work by now). I mention this mostly so you (reader or counselor)
will know that prevention services and on-going treatment for any
problem associated with depression or suicide should be available at
an income-adjusted price near you. 
Suicide prevention in young people
If you are in school, ask your Counselor or School Psychologist
where to get help. There are several Suicide Prevention Programs
designed for schools; most attempt to lower depression and the risk of
suicide while a few other programs try to help friends and relatives
cope with grief and guilt following suicide. There are instances where
suicides occur together, called contagion, after a schoolmate’s suicide.
Two of the better Web sites for reviewing suicide prevention programs
(, School Interventions to Prevent
Suicide, January, 2003 and (2) American Academy of Pediatrics
things you should know about preventing teen suicide” as well as other
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