Psychological Self-Help

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Chapter 8: Dependency and Conformity
       Definition of terms
   How Dependent Are We?
   What Makes Us So Dependent?
       Compliance and obedience
       Socially instilled obedience
       Social-emotional needs and dependency
       Love and dependency
       Reactions to social influence
   Gender Issues: A Woman’s Place---
       Traditional roles and the Women’s Movement
       Dependency in marriage
       Feeling inferior and super responsible at the same time
       Expectations of boys and men
       What about innate dependency needs?
       Women are making progress
   Assertiveness and Our Excuses for Not Acting
   Breaking Away From Parents
   Codependency: Over-Involvement in
   Someone Else’s Problems
   Believing You Are in Control of Your Life:
   Becoming an Internalizer
       How to become an Internalizer
   Learning Independent Decision-Making
       How do we learn best? The Personal Growth Model
       The major decisions of our lifetime
       Barriers to careful decision-making
   Extreme Dependency and Pathology
       Dependent Personality Disorder
       Dependent people as psychotherapy patients
   Methods for Becoming More Self-Reliant and Independent
       Level I: Learn and reward new behavior; avoid people caring for or directing you
       Level II: Confront fears; vent feelings; face long-term consequences
       Level III: Learn problem-solving, assertiveness, communication skills
       Level IV: Set life goals, build esteem, correct irrational ideas, find support
       Level V: Seek origins of your dependency, conformity, and master-slave relations
   Final Comments

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