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It has been said that the best way to decide what to do is to ask:
"What seems right to do?" Don't ask, "What feels good?" or "What gets
me the most?" or "What is the obvious choice?" When the decision is
difficult, there is no one obviously correct choice. There will be clever
arguments against every choice. So, as much as possible, do the right
A student shared with me something like this; I modified it some.
The original writer is unknown. 
When you have worked very hard to build something valuable,
your contributions will be dismissed as soon as you are gone. 
Work hard and build anyway. 
When you are empathic and caring, people will say you are
manipulative and politicking. 
Care and do good anyway. 
When you are seeking excellence, you will encounter closed
minded, self-centered, and unchangeable people. 
Seek excellence and achievements anyway. 
When you are active and optimistic, you will be criticized as
being an unrealistic idealist and opposed. 
Be positive and constructive anyway. 
When you seek noble ideals and strive to reach grand goals,
you will be swamped with indifference, meanness, and greed. 
Revere love and truth anyway. 
Extreme Dependency and Pathology
Dependent Personality Disorder
Some dependent people, called Dependent Personality Disorder,
are so disabled and restricted that they can hardly function alone. For
others the disability is less severe, e.g. there are people addicts who
must be with someone almost all the time--for some only one person
will do (e.g. a parent, spouse, friend, or child), for others anyone will
do. In other cases, there is a compulsive "dependency" of sorts but it
isn't considered a disorder, such as a highly effective workaholic or a
teenager constantly listening to music. People can become addicted to
or, at least, dependent on many other specific activities, such as
sports or exercise, sex, religion, social activities, hobbies, TV, reading,
music, cleaning, dressing, and so on. If you feel insecure and
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