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The friendly phony: "I
really like you."
Notice how wonderful I am.
"I'm the boss."
Adore me if you want a raise.
"Yes, boss, you're right."
Now, how about that raise?
"You are really great."
Now, like me and say "you too."
"I have a Ph.D. (MD, JD,
You should be in awe.
"I love you." 
Now, come on to bed.
"Ain't it awful."
Let's get buddy-buddy and feel superior
by bad-mouthing someone.
"Let's fool the cop or
We'll show them who is the smartest.
"The secretaries make the
We managers are superior; we are waited
"Women are so
We males are superior.
Another ego-boosting game might be called the "education game."
If you make up a paragraph which sounds good but is total nonsense,
the high schooler will tell you, "I don't know what this paragraph
means." The college student will be uncertain but will take a guess.
The graduate student or Ph. D. will say he/she knows what this
nonsense means and will tell you with an air of confidence. As we get
more educated, we become more sure of ourselves (or pretend to be)
than we have a right to be. 
The purpose of education is to provide everyone with the opportunity to learn how best
he/she may serve the world.
Finally, there are some games that simply create stress, but the
stress has a purpose. 
The set up: a touchy or explosive topic is brought up prior to going
out for a nice evening or doing something important. 
The ulterior motive: to avoid having a good time and becoming
more intimate with the partner (because you are mad at him/her
and/or are afraid of being in love and then getting rejected and/or are
too insecure to leave an unhappy relationship). 
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