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People, especially adults, loving each other and harmlessly having
consensual sex are hardly major worries compared to people hating
and being mean to each other, such as being prejudice or going to
war. Homosexuals who want to love and raise a child are to be
supported and praised; children raised by lesbian mothers are just as
heterosexual and just as well adjusted as their peers (Tasker, 1995).
Likewise, 91% of the sons of gay men (who had been married) lead a
heterosexual life style. Gay parents seem to produce straight children. 
For additional help with homosexual concerns, beyond the books
cited above, check to see if there is a local hotline under
( , P. O. Box 24565, Los Angeles, CA
90024. There is a general guidebook available for homosexuals
(Silverstein & Picano, 1993). Bisexuals might be interested in Hutchins
& Kaahumanu (1991) or Weinberg, Williams & Pryor (1994). 
Where do teenagers get their sex information and misinformation? From peers 37% of the
time! Then from literature and the media 22% of the time, mothers 17%, and schools 15%.
Sources of Information about Various Sexual Problems
A variety of books offer extensive, practical, and valuable
knowledge about sex (SIECUS, 80 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10011
provides a helpful book list). The Better Sex Video Series, including
"Becoming Orgasmic," is available from Sinclair Institute, Box 8855,
Chapel Hill, NC (1-800-955-0888). Masters and Johnson Institute have
set up a sex information hotline at 1-900-933-6868 ($3.99 per
minute). For a self-assessment of your sexuality see Valois &
Kannermann (1992). For more information about the kind of sexual
problems dealt with briefly above, look up the references given above
or read Helen Kaplan's (1975; 1979; 1987), Yaffe & Fenwick's (1988),
Domeena Renshaw's (1995) or Gary Kelly's (1979) book. They are
I have tried to cite the best general literature about sex but there
are certain specific topics and references I haven't covered. 
For information about sexually transmitted diseases, call the
National STD Hotline (1-800-227-8922) and look in the phone book
under "VD." By the way, while over a million Americans are HIV
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