Psychological Self-Help

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The steps in carrying out a self-help project are described in this chapter. However, before trying to change we must realize that a specific change is needed and we must believe change is possible. The first step below, selecting a self-help project, gives you several suggestions for overcoming your reluctance to try to change. The key is to think about the problem--don't avoid it--by reading about it, talking to others about it, and thinking how life would honestly be better without the problem.

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   Chapter 2: Steps in Self-Help
   Don't fret. Some of the steps can be done quickly or even omitted.
   How to Use This Book to Help Change Yourself:Steps in Self-Help
   Step 1:Select Self-Improvement Projects
   Selecting Self-Improvement Projects,Part 2
       Table 2.1: Problem Check List
       Table 2.2: For the Hesitant Self-Helper--How to Move from Avoidance to Contemplation to Commitment
   Step 2:Start Collecting and Recording Data
   Step 3:Try to Understand the Problem
   Step 4:Set Realistic Goals
   Step 5:Select the Self-Help Methods
       Table 2.3: Analysis of Problem into Parts and Possible Solutions
   Step 6:Learn the Specific Steps in Each Self-Help Method
   Step 7:Measure and Plot Your Progress
   Step 8:
   Revise the Treatment Plan as Needed;
   Deal with Resistance; Find a Therapist
   Step 9:
   Try to Insure that the Desired Behavior Continues
   Step 10:
   Learn from Each Self-Help Experiment; Use Your Knowledge

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