Psychological Self-Help

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long task; it can help us change in terms of insight and treatment
Understanding the problem can, of course, be a highly complex,
time consuming process (consider that psychoanalysis takes years,
perhaps 500 hours of therapy). I recommend you always describe the
problem by briefly looking at the five parts, but that the understanding
of the history be done quickly at first, coming back to do an in depth
probe into the origin and causes of your problem if that is needed. 
Describing the problem: look at all five parts
As mentioned in this chapter's overview, the basic idea or system
utilized throughout this book is that problems become clearer and
more manageable if you break them down into five parts: behavior,
emotions, skills, attitudes-values, and unconscious factors.
Most problems manifest themselves in all or, at least, several of these
five parts. For example, shyness may involve (1) withdrawn, quiet
behavior, (2) tense, nervous feelings, (3) a lack of social skills, (4) a
negative self-concept or expectation that most people will see you as
insecure, and (5) unconscious factors, like fearing being stupid
because you were called stupid as a child or being a loner because you
resented your mother being very sociable. 
Here is another example (obviously, not an actual person). The
description of this troubled student, John/Jane, is in considerable
detail, illustrating the breakdown of procrastination into five parts: 
Part 1: Behavior
I always put off studying and papers until the last minute. I end
up being rushed and doing a poor job or trying to find any
"easy way out."
I have no organization, no schedule for studying, no list of what
needs to be done, and I frequently forget assignments. I pretty
much do what I feel like doing.
I never study or read unless it is required the next day. I
usually study 2 or 3 hours at most for difficult exams. I prefer
to watch TV, party, listen to music, sleep, be with friends or my
I look for shortcuts, including cheating, getting someone to
write papers for me, talking my girl/boyfriend into doing my
homework for me, etc.
I harass the students who do their homework and do well on
Part 2: Emotions
I hate to study, courses are boring, school seems useless. I
can't wait until I get out of school and make lots of money. 
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