Psychological Self-Help

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These popular books are based on one person's experience or
hunches, not on research. Don't neglect these books but read them
with a lot of skepticism. 
Methods for increasing motivation; references
In addition to the many methods already mentioned above,
method #7 in chapter 14 summarizes several techniques for increasing
your motivation. It should help too. For the serious student of
motivation, Heckhausen (1991) provides an excellent review of the
whole area, while Boggiano & Pittman (1993) concentrate on
educational achievement. A highly regarded book by Daniels (1999)
explains in simple detail how positive reinforcement can be used to
both build good relationships and high motivation in a work setting.
Bernard & DiGuiseppe (1993) and McCombs & Pope (1994) try to
motivate adolescents in school and in relationships. Very bright,
achieving women have special problems in the world of work (Walker
& Mehr, 1993). 
Also, the next three sections probe the causes of self-defeating
behavior and procrastination. We must understand and overcome the
barriers to achievement, if we are going to reach our potential. 
Excellence can be attained if you...
care more than others think is wise.
risk more than others think is safe.
dream more than others think is practical.
expect more than others think is possible.
-Unknown Author
Managing Difficult Behavior
Why don't we do what we want to do? Why do we lose
control? How can we manage difficult behavior? Methods
for controlling strong habits
Thus far, we have said that when you don't know how to do
something you want to do, you have to learn. We have discussed three
kinds of learning and some of the complexities involved. Also, we said
when you want to do something that you know how to do but you
can't get going, you need to increase your motivation. We've discussed
that too. 
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