Psychological Self-Help

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Frank P. Robinson (1961) described this method in the late 1940's.
Since then, research has repeatedly shown that the method and
modifications of it increase our reading comprehension. This is an
important skill. Except for reading light material in a compulsive
manner, there is no inappropriate use. 
Recommended readings
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Ellis, D. B. (1997). Becoming a master student. New York:
Houghton Mifflin. 
James, E., James, C. & Barkin, C. (1998). How to be school
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Haughton Mifflin Co. 
Sedita, J. (1989). Landmark study skills guide. Landmark
Outreach Program--for parents trying to help a student who
can't get organized. Look up on Amazon. 
Personal Finances and Budgeting
Many of us have too much month left at the end of our money.
Money problems make us anxious and cause marital stress. Emotions
may lead to money problems, e.g. in the case of impulse buying or
buying things to make us feel better. Books can help you plan a
budget and follow it. 
Morris, K. M. & Siegel, A. M. (1993). Guide to understanding
personal finance. New York: Wall Street Journal. 
Lasser, J. K. (1976). Managing your family finances. New York:
Simon & Schuster. 
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New York: McGraw-Hill. 
Leadership Skills
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