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solving team (Peters, 1982, 1987). The power and responsibility of the
leader is delegated to others who have ideas and are willing to get the
job done efficiently. This empowerment of others is occurring in many
places; schools are "run" by groups of teachers and parents;
department heads in industry and retail are being given more
autonomy; ideas and suggestions are being sought from the lowest
ranks. The inhibiting effects of a bureaucracy and "red tape" are being
reduced. The needs of the customers are being given priority.
Excellence and innovativeness are being valued. These things aren't
happening everywhere, but they are the conditions that enable leaders
to do exciting things. We are gradually admitting that the "boss"
doesn't have all the ideas and shouldn't have all the power; he/she,
likewise, doesn't get all the glory; he/she just helps others get their
jobs done. The readings below describe the skills and attitudes that
great leaders need today. 
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