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is another good site for information, Forums, chat, and links to 20
( link to extensive information
about CSA. 
Sexual assault sites (Also see Rape)
HOPE] and the Sexual Assault Care Center ( are
among the nation’s largest anti-sexual assault organizations, providing
many forms of help and links to extensive information on many related
topics. They offer counseling, advice, and information about contacting
850 affiliated Rape Crisis Centers around the nation. Also, there is a
place for victims to tell their story, talk with others, and, if they like,
identify their offender at This Healing Journey
Male Sexual Abuse sites
( , Sexual Abuse of Males
(, Male Survivors
( (click on Male Survivors; also, look
for the myths and bookstore sections on this site), and Male Survivor
good online articles. 
A site about Sexual Offenders
Sites about False Accusations and Blaming your Childhood.
The False Memory Syndrome Foundation on the Memory and Reality
Website ( offers information about “false
memories” and "repressed memories" involving sexual abuse. They
provide help to persons thought to be falsely accused of CSA. This
judgment is a difficult call. <p>There is another legal dilemma worth
noting: Alan Dershowitz has written a book, <EM>The Abuse
Excuse</EM>, in which he describes the common situation of an
accused claiming to be innocent because “I was abused.” As a lawyer,
Dershowitz fears that the acceptance of psychological explanations for
wrong-doing would lead to the end the “rule of law.” The law assumes
that the accused is responsible for whatever he or she does. This is not
a simple matter for a thoughtful determinist (see chapter 14).
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