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Reaction as a
Child or as an When challenged, feels I'm OK, you're not OK.
unloved if not "obeyed," overlooks rights of others.
Experience: rewarded for "performing." Dramatic behavior or dress
Adoring, Uncritical Parent(s): Child constantly
reinforced with attention. Parents also seek attention.
Reaction as a
Child or as an emotional but charming. People addicts. Expects
Adult: everyone to love them; thus, disappointed often.
Histrionic personality. Always acting. Manipulates
others, theatrical, flighty, flirtatious, childishly
immature, and temperamental, poor judgment,
Experience: and other problems are exaggerated.
Hypochondriacal Parent(s): Physical aches, fatigue,
Reaction as a
Child or as an
Worries about health, feels poorly. Talks about
illnesses, gets sympathy, uses as an excuse for not
working hard.
Experience: sometimes loving. Hard to predict. Parents may
Emotional, Inconsistent Parent(s): Sometimes yelling,
disagree, child is in middle, e. g. one lenient, the other
strict. May threaten punish but forgets. Often there is
sibling rivalry or 
a dethroned King/Queen.
Reaction as a
Child or as an dependent, irritable, reacts explosively,
Adult: argumentative, feels misunderstood and mistreated,
Passive-aggressive, anxious, resistive. In conflict with
parents and other authorities. Stubborn, a loner or
rebel, procrastinating, uncooperative, sometimes
sometimes eager to leave home. Inconsistent parents
produce inconsistent children (quiet and angry)
because they don't know what to expect. They learn to
rebel while appearing to be compliant.
Experience: problems or handle emotions. May ignore, abuse,
Alcoholic Parent(s): Uses drugs or alcohol to escape
shame, lean on, befriend, seduce, or embarrass a
Reaction as a
Child or as an must be in control of everything;
Adult: 2. Scapegoat--blamed for every-thing, becomes
Super-responsible, anxious or alcoholic. Children of
alcoholics (COA) experience many reactions:
1. Responsible hero--cares for the family, feels he/she
rebellious and alcoholic;
3. the Mascot or Drinker's Buddy--becomes a clown or
4. the Lost child--feels unimportant, lonely, powerless.
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