Psychological Self-Help

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Rate these messages as --, -, 0, +, or ++. 
In method #1 of chapter 14, there are detailed instructions for
assessing your self-concept by listing your positive and negative traits.
Are you frequently sad? Sad people often feel "not OK" relative to
Rate how you rationally evaluate yourself: --, -, 0, +, ++. 
Also, consider your internal critic (method #1, chapter 14) and
your critical parent (chapter 9): Do you put yourself down, like Sooty
Sarah? Do you remember receiving destructive injunctions, as
described in chapter 9? Is your true secret opinion of yourself very
different from your expressed opinion? 
Rate how you really feel about yourself: --, -, 0, +, ++. 
Conclusion: Review the five ratings above and decide if you feel OK
or not OK about yourself. 
Final Rating: --, -, 0, +, ++.
Do you feel OK or not OK about others?
What are your memories as a young child about your parents? Did
you generally expect help, love, concern, acceptance, support, etc. or
anger, punishment, indifference, unpredictable moods, "I'm busy,"
Rate your reactions to your parents: --, -, 0, +, ++. 
What messages did you get as a young child about others? Were
others (teenagers, casual acquaintances your age, people your
parents' age, old people, strangers, "our kind" and "their kind," etc.)
considered concerned or indifferent? kind and trustworthy or mean and
deceptive? fair and generous or unjust and selfish? 
Rate others in general (early): --, -, 0, +, ++. 
As a teenager how did you feel about others (not close friends)? 
Rate others in general (teen years): --, -, 0, +, ++. 
In recent years how have you felt about others (casual friends,
teachers, supervisors, co-workers, business people, politicians,
professionals, parents' friends, and people in general)? Do you trust or
distrust them, like or dislike, expect to be understood and accepted or
Rate others in general (recent): --, -, 0, +, ++. 
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