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In an impossible situation, what would you do? This question
provides another way of detecting how your Child unconsciously feels
towards yourself and others. Suppose your life became such a terrible
mess that there were only three ways out: kill yourself, kill someone
else, or go crazy. Which would you impulsively (not rationally) choose?
Choose now. Suicide implies that you feel less OK about yourself than
others, while killing others implies they are seen by you as less OK
than you. It isn't clear what going crazy means in this situation
(usually it is interpreted as being a hopeless position, i.e. I'm not OK
and you're of no help either, but in this case it may be the choice of a
person who feels OK and that others are OK too.) 
Another clue to your roles and script is your favorite childhood
story. It probably became your favorite because it meets your basic
needs or touches on some fundamental truth or injunction for you. It
may be a fairy story, children's story, movie, TV show, novel or
whatever. What was or is your favorite? Do you have several
favorites? If so, is there a the general theme? What psychological need
or motive does this theme satisfy? 
In the same way, try to remember your favorite daydreams as a
child. Who did you rescue or try to please in these fantasies? How did
you try to please or impress others? Who did you dislike and want to
hurt? What does this tell you about basic unconscious (not nice)
What is your earliest memory? Does it strike an emotional
chord in you, suggesting special significance? 
What was your parents' main advice to you? Does it still have
meaning to you? 
What kind of scenes in movies or on TV are most emotionally
moving for you? As a child how did you respond to the violence
depicted in movies, TV, and cartoons? Did you enjoy the
aggression or were you repulsed by it? 
If your life were made into a play, what kind of play would it
be? A comedy of errors? A fantastic adventure? A soap opera
filled with romance, deception, and rejection? A drama of
achievements? A series of sad disappointments and tragedy? A
satire in which you cleverly put down others? A boring,
meaningless, pointless play? 
How will the play of your life end? How long do you expect to
live? Will you die quietly or in a blaze of glory, loved or alone,
heaped with honors or condemned? How would you like to die?
What would you like your tombstone to say? 
In summary, considering your favorite childhood stories,
daydreams, and current shows, does there seem to be a general
theme? What arouses your emotions and makes you cry, mad, proud,
or happy? What sets off your stronger needs and motivations? Are you
touched by misfortune? If so, what kind? Do you identify more with
the winner or the loser? Are you excited by overcoming obstacles to
accomplish great achievements? Are you moved by love and devotion?
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