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Are you frequently mad? This "racket" (which means one of your
most frequent occurring emotions) of anger is likely to reflect a "You're
not OK" life position. 
Rate how negative you seem towards others: --, -, 0, +, ++. 
Conclusion: Review the five ratings above and decide if you feel
negative or positive about others. 
Final Rating: --, -, 0, +, ++.
Now, looking at the final ratings in (1) and (2) above, it should be
clear which of four life positions you are in: 
   Others are
not OK
I am
OK ____
not OK ____
Your life position is a crucial factor in the games you play and in
your life script. Problems are associated with all three of the not-OK
positions. Only "I'm OK, You're OK" position is a "winner." 
Games we play.
What games do you play? What roles do you play? What
themes thrill you? What is your Life Script?
Read about games in chapter 9 and decide if you play games to
affirm that others aren't OK or that you aren't OK. You're not OK
games include "Yes, But," "Rapo," NIGYSOB, "If It Weren't For You,"
"Blemish," etc. I'm not OK games include "Kick Me," "Wooden Leg,"
"Schlemiel," "Poor Me," etc. (Remember also that there are many ego
boosting games which either reflect an I'm a non-winner or an I'm
Superior attitude, such as the "Education Game," "Power Struggle,"
"Ain't It Awful," "Cops and Robbers," etc.) 
Games confirm our beliefs, e.g. that I will mess it up or others will
let me down. Those beliefs may be painful, yet they are paradoxically
reassuring when your views are proven correct over and over that you
are not OK or others are not OK. Moreover, the transactions (pay offs)
in the game give you some temporary satisfaction, some pleasure.
Games are our Child's way of getting attention and saying, "See, I am
too OK," even if the game involves self-put downs, being mean,
blaming others, or failing. 
From your games you can get a good idea of some of your basic
emotional needs--your unconscious, sickish motives: to put down
others because you dislike or distrust them or to put down yourself
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