Psychological Self-Help

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Desensitize my anger towards school work and anxiety about
not doing well on papers and exams. 
Challenge my irrational, self-defeating ideas about how stupid
school and studying is. Challenge the self-cons about being so
clever and so good with people. Remind myself of the deep
trouble I am heading for if I don't reduce my hostility. 
Make studying more enjoyable by relaxing, eating, having a
coke, holding my boy/girlfriend's hand, etc. at the same time. 
Feel better by being better prepared and by feeling proud of
better and honest work. 
Part 3: Skills (Chapter 13)
Read about scheduling and time management so I can be
better organized. 
Learn and use a good reading method, such as SQRRR. 
Learn to write better by writing in my diary every day and
seeking tutoring at the Writing Clinic. 
Build my vocabulary and spelling ability by adding 5 new words
to a 3 X 5 card every day. 
Concentrate on listening to others and responding with
empathy to be helpful. 
Learn enough and then offer help to others with their
Part 4: Mental processes (Chapter 3, 4, 6, 13, 14)
Test out how much studying really affects my grades.
Study different amounts of time for different exams (record
this) and compare with grades received. 
Stop myself every time I tell myself that social skills and
"image" are all that matter. Start being honest with myself
about needing to study more, being scared, etc. 
Become realistically excited about my future by spending 10
minutes a day talking to someone or fantasizing about being
successful. Also, imagine failing or becoming a hated con artist
or total jerk. 
Look out for excuses, rationalizations, and self-cons that justify
procrastinating, e.g. "studying doesn't help" or "I'll do it
tomorrow" or "I'll be hard working and honest just as soon as I
Learn to think clearly and make good decisions, including a
career choice. 
Develop a meaningful philosophy of life which I can live by. 
Ask myself several times a day, "What is the best use of my
time right now?" Act on the answer. 
Think of compliments to give students who do good work...and
even teachers. 
Figure out ways to build my self-esteem and my belief in myself
as a self-helper who is in control of my life. Increase my
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