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muscles in your body losing their tightness and tension. As this
happens, you will feel better and better. 
To increase the relaxation, I will count from one to ten and get
more and more relaxed as I count towards 10. At the count of
10, I will be in a very relaxed, very pleasant, worry free,
completely alert and aware, but comfortable hypnotic state.
One, I will relax my hands and forearms. Think of the right
hand, fingers and forearm, tell those parts to get rid of all their
stress and tension. Relax more and more. Think of the left
hand, fingers and forearm. Relaxing deeper and deeper. Two, I
let the calmness spread into my upper arms...into the biceps
and triceps. Very relaxed. Feeling good. Three, my shoulders
and neck are relaxing...deeper and deeper. Four, the top of my
head, scalp and forehead are calming...relaxing...feeling
smooth and soft. Five, I notice the wonderful feeling moving
down into my eyes, cheeks, lips, tongue and jaws. I tell the
entire head and face to relax more and more. Six, my chest,
lungs and upper back are slowing and calming down...very
comfortable. Seven, I am letting the stomach relax and settle
down...also the lower back and spine...the tension is going
away...replaced with pure comfort. Eight, the muscles in my
upper legs relax deeper and deeper. Nine, the wave of
relaxation moves down into my lower legs, feet and toes. Ten, I
am extremely relaxed all over. The last remaining tension
anywhere in my body is melting whole body is
calm...very comfortable...feeling wonderful. 
I am now probably in a pleasant, enjoyable, effective hypnotic
state, even though I may not feel certain of that. In any case, I
will be able to think clearly and control my own thoughts. My
imagery will be very detailed, very clear and realistic. I will be
able to use this imagery to my advantage. I will remember
everything that happens while I am hypnotized. 
I will first use hypnosis to imagine being in a pleasant,
comfortable place, a place where I feel perfectly safe, perhaps
on a beach or in my own private place. I will see all the
details... hear the sounds...feel and smell the air...really get
into it. I will talk to myself about all aspects of the scene...and
enjoy myself thoroughly for a minute or so." 
Be quiet for a minute, then continue recording: 
"At this point I will give myself the instructions I have prepared
for self-improvement. I can open my eyes if I need to look at
notes (but it is better to keep your eyes closed, so the
visualization is more intense). If the self-instructions do not use
all of the three minute break that follows, I will just return to
my pleasant scene and enjoy it until the tape takes me out of
the hypnosis or I decide to come out of it." 
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