Psychological Self-Help

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Note: At this point either record the 3-minute self-instructions developed in the next step OR be
quiet for 3 minutes, during which you can, over a period of time, give yourself a variety of self-
instructions. Then continue recording.
"Now, I am ready to end the session. I will count from five to
one and become more and more alert as I count. Five, I am
starting to come out of the hypnosis. Four, feeling a little more
like moving. Three, feeling good with more energy. Two, my
eyes are gradually, completely open. One, I am
completely alert, feeling good and refreshed. I am done.
Stretch a little and get up." 
Turn off the recorder. 
STEP THREE: Develop self-improvement instructions to give
yourself during hypnosis or while using mental imagery.
The self-instructions may reflect a new attitude towards others or
yourself, a different way of thinking, a post-hypnotic suggestion for a
change in behavior and so on. Hadley and Staudacher (1985) say that
hypnotic suggestions should (a) be worded simply (focus on one
change at a time) but repeated several times, (b) be believable,
obtainable (gradual steps may be needed) and desirable, (c) be stated
positively ("I am relaxed" rather than "I won't get uptight") and for a
specific time (I will study effectively from 6:30 to 10:00 tonight), (d)
use cue words or a key phrase to trigger the suggested reaction
(saying "relax" while approaching an attractive person or "good
memory" while studying), and (e) provide detailed images of the
suggested outcome ("I am taking a test...relaxed and doing well..."). 
Here are some specific suggestions (mostly from Le Cron, 1964,
and Hadley & Staudacher, 1985), modify them to fit your situation: 
Studying and concentrating: "I will start studying tonight at
6:30, right after the news. I will remain alert and concentrate
fully on my reading, except for taking a 5-minute break every
half hour. If other thoughts intrude, I will quickly re-focus on
the studying. If friends try to get me to do something else, I
will tell them that I definitely intend to study for three hours.
Nothing can change my mind. I will quickly understand what I
read and will have a 'good memory,' remembering the material
well for the exam. 
I will start on time and stay on schedule, including 5-minute
rest periods every half hour. My mind will attend only to the
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