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text; it will absorb the big and important points; it will take the
time every two or three paragraphs to repeat (recite from
memory) what the author has just said. As I do this, I will feel
really good about studying so effectively and learning so much.
I will remember the material well for the exam on Friday." 
Weight loss: "I can feel very relaxed and I can change my
eating habits. I see myself as becoming thinner and thinner, in
better and better shape. I will allow myself to lose weight. 
I will change my poor eating habits into good ones. Imagine
a table filled with the high-fat food and the junk and sweets
that make me overweight. These foods harm me and interfere
with my life; they might even kill me. I won't eat them any
more. I'll shove this food off the table. Now, I'll place good,
healthy, low-fat, high fiber food on the table. Imagine slowly
eating--only when I'm hungry, not when I'm upset--small
amounts of the good food. Delicious. My hunger is satisfied and
I am really pleased with my self-control. 
I see myself as thin, in good shape, healthy, beautiful, and
coping. When I'm bored, I'll call a friend. If I'm tense, I'll
meditate. Instead of eating lunch with friends, I'll play handball
with Joe. If I ever get 2 pounds over my limit, I'll immediately
cut my calorie intake and increase my exercise for several
days. I feel wonderful, full of energy, proud, attractive, in
charge... I eat nutritious food but only as much as I need.
Keeping in shape by eating right and exercising is a source of
great pride for me." 
Stress reduction: "I am very relaxed...very relaxed. I can see
that pressure comes from the outside world but feelings come
from inside me. I can control my feelings. The feelings I want, I
can keep. The feelings I don't want, I can discard or discharge
them...get rid of them. I am a whole person with many
feelings. I am aware of all my many feelings, but I can chose
which feelings I want to keep and which to get rid of. I choose
to be peaceful and rid of stress. I feel good... at ease... calm...
Furthermore, I can build a shield against the outside
pressure. External stress will just bounce off me. In this way
my shield will prevent the pressure from producing upsetting
emotions inside. I will be protected all day from tension and
stress. No matter how many demands there are outside, I will
be calm inside... protected by the shield and by my decision to
get rid of unwanted emotions. When people expect too much of
me or when they are critical, I will stay calm... protected and in
control of the inside feelings. When I need the shield, it will
automatically be there or I can call on it by simply saying, 'the
shield' or 'relax.' I am very relaxed, strong, and in control of
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